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Safe Babies Volunteer Opportunities

Safe Babies works to ensure that there are developmentally appropriate toys, a bright and welcoming atmosphere, and a clean space available for the families. This is to ensure that parents and children are able to work on building their attachment and relationship, all while also working on developmental milestones through play.

DFPS Visitation Rooms

In 2021, at the request of DFPS we created a monthly volunteer opportunity to clean, sanitize and restock items in the rooms. These are the typical activities during the monthly clean:

  • Clean, sanitize, and wipe walls

  • Clean, sanitize, wipe tables, chairs, and other surfaces

  • Disinfect toys

  • Sweep

  • Mop

  • Clean the windows

  • Remove broken or hazardous items

  • Organize or alternate toys as available

Screenshot 2023-08-02 121705.png


Baby Day Volunteer Opportunities

In-person Baby Day events are organized around the facilitation of interactive activities

for parents and very young children to engage in together.

Volunteers are Needed to: 

  • facilitate activities

  • support partners in delivering sessions

  • help families navigate the event, and more

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