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Celebrate and Support Babies

Baby Day is Texas' only statewide celebration dedicated to the crucial first three years of life, a period where early experiences shape lifelong potential. Each year on Baby Day, First3Years, along with hosts, partners, and volunteers, collaborates to honor and celebrate this remarkable stage of growth for our littlest Texans. We provide a range of activities, sessions, and resources designed to engage parents and caregivers, fostering foundational relationships and promoting healthy development.

Baby Day features a series of virtual and in-person events held annually across Texas, with major events hosted in Houston and DFW. Additionally, we support community-based hosts in various other locations. Discover more about this initiative by exploring our 2024 Impact Report.

Did you know?

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Baby Day resources are available all year long! 

Access valuable parenting resources about your baby or toddler's development, where, how, and when to get support, and tips for nurturing the early relationships that shape how their brain becomes hardwired to learn and interact with the world around them.

Baby Day Events

Saturday, April 26, 2025

A.M. In-person Baby Day events 

P.M   Virtual sessions for parents, caregivers, & professionals

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