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Congratulations! You have about 9 months to prepare for baby, but also use this time to take care of yourself. Here are some general tips we recommend for a healthy pregnancy and to make the transition to parenthood easier:

  • Keep up with regular doctor appointments

  • Eat healthy foods

  • Celebrate with your partner, family, and friends

  • Talk with your partner about your roles and how you both will support the baby

  • Talk with a trusted individual about any concerns you may have

  • Listen to your body

Maintain contact with your physician or OB-GYN throughout your pregnancy as they will provide you further information and specific supports.


Building a strong, positive, nurturing relationship is essential for your baby’s health, development, and well-being. Even before your baby is born, you can begin building a positive connection with them. Below we have some activities to help strengthen your connection:

Notebook and Pen

Keeping a pregnancy journal allows to look back over your pregnancy journey at many times! Later in pregnancy, when your baby is born and even years from now. Don't forget to include those crazy cravings!

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