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Endorsement Categories & Requirements

Endorsement Categories

There are four categories of Endorsement designed to target different professional areas within the infant-family field.


  • Infant Family Associate:  This category is intended for individuals whose scope of work is promotion. This can include early childhood educators, court-appointed special advocates (CASA), lactation consultants, early head start teachers, program administrators, home visitors, pediatric health care providers, early interventions providers* 

  • Infant Family Specialist:  This category is intended for individuals whose scope of work is prevention. This can include early intervention providers, infant coaches, home visitors, infant mental health consultants, child welfare case managers*

  • Infant Mental Health Specialist:  This category is intended for individuals whose scope of work is clinical intervention/ treatment. This can include parent-infant psychotherapy, parent-child psychotherapists, infant mental health specialists, private practice therapists*

  • Infant Mental Health Mentor:  There are 3 additional designations listed within the Infant Mental Health Mentor category: Clinical (C), Policy (P), and Research/Faculty (R/F). These designations target professionals with advanced degrees who have experience providing infant mental health reflective supervision and other leadership (C), who are leaders in policy and/or program administration related to the infant-family field (P), or are leaders in university-level teaching and/or published research related to the infant-family field (R/F).*

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*Please note that these are only examples of the types of jobs a provider may have at this particular category. This is not an exhaustive list. Moreover, Endorsement categories are not meant to act as a hierarchy, but rather as a way to organize the wide range of occupations that exist in this field. 


Providers are encouraged to contact First3Years’ Endorsement coordinator with questions

Endorsement Competencies

Each applicant is required to demonstrate a set of competencies through training and/ or education based on their category of Endorsement. You can view the competencies related to each category of Endorsment by clicking the button below.

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