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Bright By Text for Partners


Bright by Text (BBT) delivers free and low-cost activities, events, and resources to parents and caregivers of children ages 0-8 via text messages. As partners with Bright by Text, First3Years is responsible for the local, custom messages to parents in Harris, Montgomery, and Chambers counties.   

Public agencies and local nonprofits serving Harris, Montgomery, and/or Chambers counties are invited to share local resources and events with families using our submission form. This form can also be used to request Bright by Text marketing material. 


Please contact the First3Years Bright by Text Coordinator with questions at



Bright by Text can help you maximize family engagement and form strong relationships with parents, caregivers, and your community. Use the guidelines below to help create a custom message for your local events, resources, and activities. 


  • Audience: Parents and caregivers who have subscribed to receive Bright by Text messages. Parents are of children ages 0-8, as well as new and expecting parents! 

  • Timing: When submitting one-time events, please ensure they are at least two weeks away so that First3Years has time to process your submission and Bright by Text can approve it to be sent out to families. 

  • Types of Messages: Examples range from engaging events like family festivals and valuable services such as free immunizations and screenings, to community resources like parent support groups and food drives, as well as enjoyable activities like library story times and complimentary museum admissions. 

  • Formulating Your Message: Use action words like 'join' or 'sign up,' grab attention with interesting phrases, and explain why families should take part (to connect, get support, stay engaged...). 


Messages should be for free or low-cost events or resources. Messages that promote an event or series of events, or underutilized and hard-to-find resources in the community are more likely to be accepted by Bright by Text for submission. 

What can I include in a localized message? 

  • Messages are limited to 140 characters (excluding the website link) and should describe the timing and topic of the resource or event. Be sure to submit a website link or flyer. Website must be up to date, contain relevant information to the text message, and be readable on all mobile devices. 


What if I submit an event and it is cancelled or changed? 

  • You can notify families of event changes via text message but allow a minimum of 24 hours to get an updated message approved and sent. If timing does not allow the update via text, the website link you included in your local message will be a resource for up-to-date event information. If you provided a flyer, provide First3Years with the updated version and information as soon as possible by contacting the Bright by Text coordinator at


How many local messages can I send? 

  • Local messages are intended to promote unique and discrete events and services in the community. Remember that caregivers also will be receiving approximately three program messages each week related to child development. If multiple or overlapping requests are received for the same geography and time frame, Bright by Text reserves the right to determine message priority or combine information about events with similar timing. Bright by Text's Content Advisory Board reviews and approves local messages as needed. 

Contact First3Years Bright by Text Coordinator with questions at

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