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Baby Day Partner Videos

Live Sessions

Everyday Connections

by Renee Mirick from First3Years

Discover the magic hidden in everyday interactions with your young child. Dive into practical tips for staying tuned in, being fully present, and intentional in your relationship. Explore how to navigate tough parenting moments, embracing the journey of nurturing strong, positive relationships with your little one.

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Safe Start: Car Seat & Safe Sleep Essentials

by Karla V. Iraheta from Molina Healthcare

This class aims to help caregivers make informed decisions and take proactive steps to safeguard infants at home and on the road. Equipping participants with information on both car seat safety and safe sleep practices.

Brain Building for Babies & Toddlers

by Nikki Adeleke and Claudia Macias from The Hackett Center for Mental Health

Brain Builders is a group-based parenting program that focuses on equipping and empowering pregnant women and moms to engage in activities to promote healthy brain development in their children. The presentation will focus on the importance of healthy brain development for children, describe how the parent to child interactions impact the child’s brain development, and provide strategies to intentionally improve brain development for children ages 0 to 3.

Don’t Stop Believin’ in Snuggles: Harmonizing Felt Safety Through Toddler Tumult

by Heather Pugh from First3Years

Join us for an electrifying training session that rocks the stage of fostering connection, coregulation, and addressing challenging behaviors in very young children. We get it- tantrums can be like wild guitar solos, but here’s the deal: no one is expecting perfection! This one-of-a-kind session is set to equip caregivers and professionals with kickin’ tools to navigate the intricate jams of childhood development. Get ready for a lively gig where laughter meets learning, and together, we’ll ride the waves of highs and lows in the rockin’ world of early childhood.

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Pre-Recorded Sessions

Introduction to Infant Massage

by Melanie Wattles of Baby Strokes

Breastfeeding in the Early Days

by Tracy Hammond of Uptogether Mom Society 

Play and Music

by Ana-Sofia Gonzalez of Gymboree Play and Music Southlake

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