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Early Relational Health Program

The Early Relational Health (ERH) Program at First3Years recognizes that nurturing relationships are vital for infant and toddler development. These bonds thrive with support from community organizations dedicated to families. 

Supporting Early Relational Health

The ERH Program actively engages with community organizations and universities across Texas. Our collaborative approach builds positive relationships, allowing organizations to extend these connections to clients and families. This process mirrors the nurturing relationships we strive to build for Texas infants, promoting a lasting foundation of well-being.  

Here are some ways we can provide support: 

  • Collaborative conversations with ERH Specialist 

  • Coaching to explore strengths and deepen understanding of ERH 

  • Tailored professional development 

  • Assistance to universities in curriculum development, integrating ERH principles 

  • Development of ERH materials and planning for distribution 

  • Direct family engagement 

Organizations and universities can leverage our program's support in embedding ERH throughout their work. 

Contact Information and Resources

If your organization is interested in learning more, contact Renee Mirick at or call 832.699.8755.  

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